Free 2-1 Peer Review Discussion: Mission and Vision Graphic Dissertation Example

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Peer Review Discussion-Mission and Vision Graphic Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Mission Statement To become the best provider of health care services in the region by using the patient portal to offer patient-centered care. Vision Statement We offer patient-centered care through patient engagement to improve patient satisfaction. The Project The patient portal will improve engagement between practitioners and clients thus reducing the costs of running already conducted tests, improving patient satisfaction, and increasing referrals (McNeill, 2016). Therefore, it is evident that the portal strategy will provide clear value to both staffs and patients. The adoption of the project will involve the use of a hands-on experience rather than a hands-off approach of buying and installing the portal. Moreover, the strategy will also dig into the planning and designing phase to satisfy the needs of the organization and patients. The transition of health care delivery t...

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