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3 little pigs Sample
High School
Student's Name Instructor's Name Course Date 3 Little Pigs The animal that appears as sensible, even though it is indefensible to attacks from any wanting enemy who does not exhibit any empathy, is the pig. Possibly he is not the animal that one could dig, but the pig is noble and witty despite its awkward exteriority. The pig is also cautious and relatively kind. On the other hand, one thing comes to mind that deviates from the ideology especially after meeting a foolish one. For example, a tale is told of three little pigs that were floundered on an island at the mercy of the scorching sun. One of them suggested that they build a house from stone. However, the rest looked down on the idea with the view that it would be cumbersome and that it would take them days to put up such a structure. The second pig suggested that they should build using logs which would serve them in future if they got stuck on the island again including assisting those who might get stuck on the island in fu...
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