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Abortion Laws and Ethical Considerations Author’s Name Institution Abortion Laws and Ethical Considerations Abortion is the termination of a fetus before its mature enough to survive out of the mother’s womb (Zane et al., 2015). Many religious groups consider it evil and unethical as it places no consideration for human life. In most parts of the world, abortion is forbidden and has not been legalized for practice in medical fields. I am from the state of Louisiana. Our state has a distinctive approach towards abortion. Our statutes define illegal abortion as intended fetal expulsion after copulation without the intention of inhibiting dangers of ectopic pregnancy or dead fetus (Reuters, 2018). It is regarded unlawful except when the mother’s life is at stake due to sickness, injuries without any other medical option and fetal disorders. The statute also defines legal abortion as any fetal expulsion that will help safeguard the life of the mother, necessary to avoid fut...

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