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NIC vs NOC Student Professor Course Date Abstract Nursing care is a vital feature of any hospital, and thus, in all hospitals, it is a vital part that makes up patients’ care complete. Therefore, different nations and states are embodied with different practices of nursing. Nursing processes such as the use of NANDA-I, a classification of nursing diagnosis, Nursing Intervention Classification (NIC) and Nursing Outcome Classification (NOC) are systems used globally in availing standardized care for patients and are aimed at ensuring. In this paper, the case of Congestive Heart Failure is used to describe the diverse tasks that these nursing processes play in providing care and maintaining excellent patient outcome. The vocabularies and terms used by nurses are now being standardized widely vastly used in all parts of the world and are increasingly gaining popularity and usage in various settings. NIC and NOC are a representation of information and the work formula that can be ...

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