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INFLUENCES ON CRIMINAL BEHAVIOUR AND VICTIM BLAMING (Author) (Class) (Professor) (Institution) (State) (Date) Influences on Criminal Behavior and Victim Blaming Introduction Crime is taken to imply any form of behavior that violates the formal laws meant to govern the social, economic and political conduct of a society. Several theories have been developed to try and explain the reasons being people committing crimes. The theories describe the psychological, sociological, classical school and biological state of the person committing a crime. The biological explanation to criminal behavior, in this case, include theories such as Y chromosome, William Sheldon, and Caserta Lombroso. According to Caserta Lombroso theory, an individual body structure defines if one is a criminal or not (Bretherick 2015, p. 1). In this case, a criminal will possess some features such as asymmetry of the head, have large lips and ears resembling that of a monkey. The Y chromosome theory, on the ot...

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