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AliveCor Student’s Name Institution Affiliation During my 4- months internship in Oklahoma Blood Institute, I got a two months’ opportunity that ran from February to March, to participate in a project that involved the use of AliveCor to check the content of atrial fibrillation (AFIB) in the blood of a patient. I was closely supervised and trained on how to use it by Dr. Stevenson who was the doctor responsible for the project. I was able to use some of the facility resources to complete this project, especially the iPad screen and the papers like consent form and information paper about the AFIB. AliveCor Monitor. This is an attachment for the iPhones (also several smartphones) that makes the phone into an ECG recorder. Because of the high cost of ECG recorders, they were only limited to clinics and hospitals. AliveCor is both cheap and very accurate. And the fact that people carry along their phone when they move, it gives them easy opportunity to ese them whenever they ne...

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