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Use of Satire Name Institutional Affiliation Use of Satire Satire is a literary genre that employs the use of wit, iron and at times sarcasm to bring to light humanity’s profanities and shortcomings, giving impulsion, or drive to change through ridicule (Highet, 2015). Satire comes as a method of writing that involves a combination of a condemnatory attitude with humor and wit in a bid to better humanity and mankind institutions (Highet, 2015). Satirists employ laughter to address issues they find unacceptable and requires urgent change. In the case of formal satire, the writer normally uses a persona who communicates directly to the reader or a particular character in work. This paper analyses the use of satire in Canterbury Tales, Faust, and Don Quixote. In The Canterbury Tales, the writer Geoffrey Chaucer applies satire in his descriptions of the pilgrims to expose the corruptions in the church that was widespread in the society. Several clergy members used their positions in...

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