Free Afro-Eurasian history from 8000 BCE to 1450 CE Dissertation Example

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AFRO-EURASIAN HISTORY Name Title Instructor Date Introduction Most people make an assumption that the present era of connectivity in the global arena is a result of an unprecedented and exclusive growth in human history. Although the depth and breadth of the globalization that took off after World War II is certainly unmatched, in history humanity has gone through other moments of sensitive long-distance interconnection that led to enormous long-distance travels of people, goods, genes, people, pathogens, ideas, and cultivars during what is known as the Columbian Exchange . While the Afro-Eurasian world united as a single unit in the period linking the classical age 2000 years back and the Western rise 500 years ago, other world parts took part in making their traditions, formed their own interaction networks and experienced their own arc changes. Drawing attention to these parallel worlds of Americas, the Pacific Oceans, and Inner Africa is important because their stories ar...

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