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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Behavioral Model Ability to produce high screams. It is usually at a defining range which means that it is loud and high pitched. It has mostly proceeded with spitting. It is a defense mechanism, but most of all allow it to warn the rest of the group of impending danger. The ability to produce the high pitch scream enables an alpaca to intimidate prey, and most of all warn the rest of the group where they gather as a defense mechanism. The high pitched scream is a survival advantage for the Alpaca. The Alpacas with the ability to produce this sound have a higher chance of survival because it is a defense mechanism. An alpaca may be unable to produce the high pitch scream effectively. This is a behavioral or physical disadvantage. The scream may be insufficient to scare prey or to warn other alpacas.The inability to produce the scream puts the alpaca in danger in the form of the inability to warn others and mobilize them for defense. It is also u...

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