Americans Today The American Debate Dissertation Example

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Level: High School
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(Student’s Name) (Tutor’s Name) (Course) (Date) Annotated Bibliography: Americans Today “The American Debate.” The New York Times, 4 July 2012, p. A22 (L). Global Issues in Context. According to the article The American Debate (n.p), hardship is usually experienced when trying to unite the American people despite having achieved a national independence. Such hardship arises due to diversity caused by citizens’ different opinions in the political arena, religious differences, and legal aspects. This situation, however, can be addressed by eliminating the disunity that characterizes the American people. Therefore, there is the need to reflect and focus on diversity to end quarrels. Through the article The American Debate, the author expresses that despite the tranquility experienced after independence there exist gaps that need to be addressed. The most predominant issue that needs to be solved is the division ...

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