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Analysis of Financial Disclosures Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Institutional Affiliate City or State Date Financial analysis What might have caused this net loss? The net loss in company occurs when the total expenses exceed the total revenue. In the review of the group’s operations, the CEO and the Managing Director explained in his message that the net loss resulted from a reduction in the milk intake. He explains that FY2017 was difficult for everyone in Murray Goulburn and the milk intake was 22% below that of the previous year, 2016. The revenue of $2.5b was 10% below that of the previous FY2016 (Murray Goulburn Annual Report, 2017, p.3). The company reported a net loss of $370,800,000 for the financial year 2017. The expenses also went up due to the attempts of the group in trying to respond to the reduction in milk intake with some non-recurring items (Murray Goulburn Annual Report, 2017, p.22). Does the net loss imply that Murray Goulburn is not in a ‘...

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