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Which two traits do you see as most useful in understanding personality? Why? Conscientiousness and extraversion are two crucial traits that are helpful in understanding the personality of an individual. They define a category of attributes that contribute greatly to defining a person’s character CITATION Ken17 l 1033 (Cherry, 2017). Conscientious people tend to have relatively high performance in terms of how they deliver their work. Their level of discipline is high and this helps them to be more organized. They are goal-oriented and can be relied upon in achieving a certain thing. They also take calculated steps in their ventures making it rare for them to do something unintentionally. Extraverts are more social and passionate in their interactions with people. Their draw their energy from associating with people and are more aware of their surroundings, unlike introverts. They are highly active in group activities and easily make new friends. They also love fun hence particip...

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