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Name Tutor Course Date Question and Answer Role and experiences of Chicanxs in WWII at home and war. Were the existing ideas about Chicanxs accurate? Explain Before the World War II, the Mexicans were part of the minority groups in the United States. Nevertheless, the number of Mexican immigrants rose to about one million from 1900 to the 1930s due to various factors, such as regressive wages, poverty, and inadequate education system in Mexico (Hidalgo 128). Furthermore, the United States provided opportunities for inexpensive and unskilled labor in the agribusiness, railroad construction, and the mining industries. Although the Mexican immigrants were not discriminated as the African Americans, the Americans failed to fully accept them as white and faced racism (Hidalgo 128-129). As a result, the negative experiences strengthened them to fight for respect and civil liberties. The birth of Mexican-Americans or Chicanxs in 1936 prompted the second generation of immigrants to tak...

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