Application for a GMAT Dissertation Example

Category: Accounting
Subcategory: Business
Level: Masters
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Application for a GMAT waiver Name Institution Application for a GMAT waiver To whom it may concern: I am writing the letter to formally apply for a GMAT waiver request upon my enrolment into professional MBA program. As a diligent product manager with 12 years of work experience, I want to express my interest in entering the professional MBA program with a waiver to refocus on my interest in other industries (Gloeckler, 2005). I believe that I deserve the chance for the waiver program since I have substantial professional experience and clear background information that should be considered. For the past twelve years, I have diligently served in various organizations. I have worked as support manager where I successfully tracked customer happiness and maintained good health records. In 2008 I started my professional career engagement by working for Laversab as a lead technician where I could create an appropriate diagnosis and troubleshooting reports (Gloeckler, 2005). Due to ...

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