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Aquaculture Student’s Name Institution’s Affiliation Defining Aquaculture The term aquaculture refers to the type of farming that involves rearing of fish, animals, and plants that survive in all water environments. There are two main types of aquaculture, namely, marine and freshwater aquaculture. Marine aquaculture support fish, fauna, and flora that do survive in the salty environment; mostly in the ocean areas. On the other hand, freshwater aquaculture is practiced in the freshwater environment such as freshwater lakes and dams (White, O`Neill & Tzankova, 2014). Deployment of aquaculture New and more effective, innovative measures have been implemented for sustainable aquaculture. These interventions help in the improvement of the aquaculture sector in an environmentally friendly manner. This involves controlling the breeding and farming techniques, management of aquatic environment as well as disease and animal health monitoring. These innovations include the f...

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