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ARE WE CERTAIN THAT THE SUN WILL RISE TOMORROW? If an inquiry is to be made on the street in the state of the sun rising tomorrow, one is bound to get an affirmative answer. This is an argument that is based on an observation that throughout the life of an individual, the sun has risen every day. Scholars have raised arguments that there is no definite way of knowing if the sun will rise tomorrow. As such, it is not a certainty. However, I believe the sun will rise tomorrow. In his arguments, David Hume states that two divisions apply to human reason: a matter of facts and relations of matter. The former postulates that the contrary of each fact is possible. The latter dictates that certain propositions can be unearthed through the thought process without reliance on its prior existence (Hume, 1911). To begin with, Hume rejected reliance on inductive reasoning as a foundational basis (Hume, 1911). Though it relies on the fact that just as the sun is expected to rise every day, the...

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