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Army Retirement Benefits Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Army Retirement Benefits InterductionBefore analyzing the various army retirement benefits, it is crucial for one to understand the criteria used to identify the retirees in the armed forces. According to Powers (2018), only the air force and the armed force members with more than twenty years of service can be regarded as retired when they leave the forces and hence, are allowed to receive the retirement benefits and payment. However, several changes have been made and laws enacted since January 2016 on military retirement system. According to Schultz (2016), one of the changes on the blended retirement benefits is that an individual can be offered the retirement benefits even after two years of services. Also, those who have done the 20 years will receive their retirement at annuity of 2% opposed to the 2.5% that was being used before (Schultz, 2016). The major aim of the changes is to aid the State’s ability ...

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