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Article Provided Name Institution Article Provided Recommendation I would not recommend adopting the intervention described by the authors in the paper. The paper discusses the study of an unknown number of mice for only 21 days. Furthermore, the conclusion from the study indicates that the enzymes are an exciting curative target for curing (Hervera, Negrete, Leánez, Martín-Campos & Pol, 2010). The researchers do not indicate a clear impact of the enzymes but instead conclude the enzyme as an interesting course of treatment. Consequently, the study appears rudimentary and in its early stages. The intervention described by the authors requires additional research using the mice and even human tests before it can be adopted. Statistical Technique Data from the study is denoted as a mean ± standard error. The SEM fits since it specifies the precision of estimated mean of samples. For every knockout mice and investigational day, data collected was evaluated using a two-w...

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