Free Attributes of God Affirmative (Power of God) Dissertation Example

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A critique paper on Laney, J. Carl’s article: God's Self-Revelation in Exodus 34: 6-8." BIBLIOTHECA SACRA-DALLAS- 158 36-51 Introduction There are two kinds of attributes of God which are affirmative and negative. The attributes accorded to God are either negated or posited of him regarding his characteristics. The attributes of God are seen throughout the scripture through his direct interactions with human beings, through his work and commands that have been recorded in the bible. This paper is a critique of an article posted from January to March of the year 2001 in the Bibliotheca Sacra journal. The paper will first give a summary of the author’s main ideas, then a critical analysis in comparison to other authors as well as the strengths, weaknesses, and attainment that a reader is likely to encounter while reading the article. Summary of the Article The author starts by explaining the manner in which human beings learn about the attributes of God, i.e., by studying wha...

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