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Name Institution Course Date AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER Topic: Autism Abstract It is the joy of every family when a baby is born to add up the total number of the family members. The parents are always prepared to nurse the newborn and see him or she grows to be an important person in the society. This joy is not reduced even in cases whereby a child is born challenged or with some abnormalities. For instance, a baby-born with autism poses a great challenge to the caregivers and the parents in the long run. Since this child is a special being that cannot freely interact with other children, special care and attention are required to ensure the baby is safe and grows well despite the challenging condition. In this article is focus on the special condition of children with autism spectrum disorder. This article will enable parents, caregivers and parents to take care of them in the families, hospitals or any other place. It should be noted everybody should love and give special ca...

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