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Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Name Institution Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) There are several ASR software in the market, but the most popular are Dragon Professional Individual v15, Dragon Anywhere, Google Docs Voice Typing, Braina Pro, and Windows 10 Speech Recognition (Allan, 2017). Dragon Anywhere is a subscription-based mobile application that costs $15 per month or a one-off $99 payment. The application does not sell any add-on vocabularies. Google Docs Voice Typing and Windows 10 Speech Recognitions are free software and do not sell any add-on vocabulary. There is a free version of Braina Pro with limited functionality, but the premium version costs either $39 per year, $79 per 3 years, or a one-off $159 payment. Briana Pro also do not sell any add-on vocabulary. Dragon Professional Individual v15 costs $300 and does not require the purchase of any add-on vocabulary. Dragon Professional Individual v15, Braina Pro, Windows 10 Speech Recognition, and Google Doc...

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