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Assignment 7.2 Life by Student The sharp reliving cry, that’s how we come to life To live and love, all in a life’s mission. To cherish and hate what we see in unison.There are moments, those moments of joy and those moments of sorrowing, Time to eat, time to laugh and time to starve. Trying to please and plead with the humankind, to show me kindness, This kindness, that kindness I long for, yearning and waiting to feel loved and lovable. The life we live is full of living choices, To be optimistic and fruitful or to be pessimistic and fruitless. There are those times, those times we thrive and excel, And those times, The times when we lose and feel loose, And all that is left is; Thinking and thinking of what the future holds in store. There, I see it, I see the horizon, like a tunnel vision, I long for the destiny. ...

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