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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Inside of Knoxville- Blog Post Analysis Ideally, this blog was designed with the sole intentions of giving highlights and updates about the happenings at Knoxville. The author decided to start it after realizing that there was no other blog or there was no available information from the internet about the City. In this case, he gives an update about a new bike business that has been opened at 704 Server Avenue by a couple that moved to live at the Old City. It is appealing to the people who own bikes as well as those who might be willing to own one. It is important to note that the writer posts about a host of things within the city and therefore the blog could be regarded as a center for news updates. It is in addition to advertising businesses that are located within the region. The author of this blog is a writer. He specializes in writing blog articles on different topics under the name Knoxville Urban Guy. He posts about di...

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