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BIOLOGY LAB Name Institutional affiliations Date This is a great exercise for those of you who love the outdoors or who want to do some hands-on science. It's fine if you do not live in a truly urban area; every place there are humans animals have learned to adapt to survive. Select two different locations that are likely to have different populations of animals.  Try your backyard and then something more exotic, like an empty lot or an urban alley.  As always, be cautious when observing wild animals and do not put yourself at risk. Pick a set time of day that you are free to observe organisms for about an hour. For example, on Monday afternoon you would observe in your yard and on Tuesday afternoon you would observe the second location. (1) Questions: What organisms did you see in your two locations? Some of the animal species you may see in urban environments are various types of birds (small songbirds, hawks, vultures, geese, herons), bats, butterflies, insects (bees, d...

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