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Name Course Professor Date Biology Questions Selected cell structure – 1 Name – Ribosome Function – It is the site for the synthesis of proteins The ribosome is associated with the formation of proteins. They are associated with the molecule mRNA. mRNA is a copy of the gene sequence of the DNA. Through the interaction of the molecule with the ribosome, its sequence is read, and ribosome uses the information to link different amino acids to form proteins CITATION Bus14 l 1033 (Buszczak, Signer, and Morrison). Ribosome (structure 1) interacts with mitochondria (structure 3). Mitochondria is the energy source of the whole cell. For ribosomes to maintain balance through the formation of appropriate proteins, the energy is required. The process through which an organism attains balance in the cell is called homeostasis and ribosome is vital in this process. The ribosome is the organelle responsible for the formation of all proteins in the cells. The process of making proteins...

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