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Name Instructor Course Date Application of Laser Optical Trapping in biology Optical trapping refers to the tools that have the piconewton forces extended in a microscopic object. Also known as the optical tweezers, optical trappings are used while physically holding and manipulating a material experimented through a highly focused beam. The formation of an optical trap is as a result of a sharp focus of a single laser beam to a spot that is of near diffraction. In optical trapping, a laser is used to induce the fluctuation of the dipoles in the dielectric atoms. The interaction between the created dipoles with the electric fields results in a massive gradient of a trapping force. There are many applications of the optical tweezers. The main use is to focus the light beams into a smaller particle in the beam (Ferro et al. 29). The tweezers are also used to drug the particle around by the moving beam. In the biological term, the optical trappings are used to solve several pr...

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