Briefly summarize the three main features of apocalypticism Dissertation Example

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Question 5: Briefly summarize the three main features of apocalypticism: cosmic dualism, historical pessimism, and imminence Cosmic dualism refers to the religion where there are two kinds of universal powers. When dealing with these two universal powers, what needs to be understood is that the powers will help in discussing what is either good or what is bad in the society. Cosmic dualism has powers that discuss the good and evil in the society. Take an example of the philosophy found in the Zoroastrianism. The philosophy expresses the concept of cosmic dualism as there are two spirits in the philosophy. One of the spirits is the Eternal and uncreated spirits dubbed as Ahura Mazda and the other spirit is the Anngra Mainyu which is the wise Lord spirit. Therefore, in these two spirits, the uncreated is an evil spirit while the wise Lord is a good spirit. Cosmic dualism was instrumental in developing Christianity and Islamic religion...

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