Carbohydrate Intake Dissertation Example

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Name Professor Course Date Carbohydrate Intake Assignment 5. I am able to currently meet the DRI recommended total calories contributed by carbohydrates by consuming appropriate and adequate amounts of carbohydrate-containing foods. Some of the examples are grains (bread, rice, and oatmeal), dairy products (whole milk), fruit and fruit juice (mango and whole fruit juice), legumes (beans), and starchy vegetables (potatoes) as well as honey. This is the right quantity as depicted by the standards of DRI. 6. Complex carbohydrates: bread, oatmeal, beans, potatoes, rice Simple carbohydrates from nutrient-dense foods: whole milk, mango, whole fruit juice, Simple carbohydrates: honey 7. Simple carbohydrates make more than 10% of the total calories in my diet, this means that a change should be made to reduce it to the recommended rate according to World Health Organization. Some recommendations include reduction of the honey consumed in most of the meals. This can be replaced by frui...

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