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Name Instructor Course Date Case analysis The court that responded to the case was the Supreme Court. It dealt with the case that the Negro children wanted to have their own school that was to be operated in a similar way as the one for the white but in a separate place. The people who brought the opinion to court was the children of the Negron people who wanted to have their own school after they felt that they were neglected by the white teachers. In the case, the court was in dilemma of hearing the case of the children of Negro who claimed that the white teachers neglected them and it is for this reason that they are requesting for a separate school and the one that is managed as the one owned by the whites. The facts of the case were that the segregation of some students was based on the colors of individual children. Before making the final decisions, various factors of analysis was taken to make sure that the final results arrived without affected anyone. The final decision...

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