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No. 14-13482 THE UNITED STATES COURT OF THE CIRCUIT5 EQUAL RACIAL TREATMENT, The Plaintiff/ the Appellant, The Defendant/ the Complainant. On a complaint from the United States of America, Philadelphia No. 1:483-cv-004396-CB-M Name. BRIEF OF THE DISCRIMINATION AGAINST A BLACK RACE General Counsel Attorney THE COMMISSION AGAINST RACIAL Name DESCRIMINATION The case for the counsel Offices for the General Counsel William hill Philadelphia. Assistants Generals Counsels ([email protected]) CERTIFICATE TO THE PERSONS OF INTEREST AND CORPORATIONS OF INTEREST COMPLAINANT to the 12th Cir. R. 27.1 and 29.1(c), I can verify that the persons below are interested in these proceedings: Tony Fred, Supervisor of the Trial Attorney Angela Brede, The attorney, standing for the complainant Christopher Bree, Court Attorney Blend Croup. Hon., senior trial judge Complaint to Ben. Comp. P. 26.1, the Equal Racial Treatment Commission, as the main ag...
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