Free Cell maps reveal fresh details on how the immune system fights cancer Dissertation Example

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Name Course Instructor Date Future Studies and Developments in The Cancer Cell Maps Therapy Past lessons and accomplishments show that in the future, immunotherapies that are well-formulated and given at the right stage of tumor proliferation, are capable of altering the immune response in the TME (tumor microenvironment) from being tumor-friendly to tumor-rejecting (Corthay 197). Ample research and clinical tests have been done to test the affluence of the cancer cell maps therapy, but more can still be done. Therefore, moving into the future, there is the need for more emphasis to be directed at coming up with new methodologies that will aid in the identification of the kinds of networks which are often impacted by the mutations of cancer, employ this pathways’ information to gauge the effectivity of this treatment on a patient, and gauge the novel molecular targets from the pathways and map information (Krogan 693). To facilitate these studies, researchers should use the cu...

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