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Name Professor Course Date Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor A counselor should improve the lives of the clients who may have problems resulting from the abuse of the psychoactive drug. For him or her to understand the conditions of the clients using the drugs, there is need to know various concepts such as addiction, tolerance, and withdrawal. Addiction is a brain disease where an individual is used to the abuse of a psychoactive drug such that he or she must seek the drug for performance ( The drugs change the structure of the brain and its performance, and therefore, it is impossible to work well with the consumption of the drug. Secondly, drug tolerance occurs when a person is used to a certain drug such that he or she no longer feel the effects of the drug and thus the brain demands more consumption ( For instance, if a person was using a gram of cocaine per day, then after some time the brain will require more amount of the drug. Fin...

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