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Name Instructor Course Date Change in the Dressing code Based on the recent discovery by the company on the need to create uniformity in the code of dressing, the company has seen it necessary to introduce a unique dressing code to all the employees of the company. In this case, the field agents are expected to dress formally, especially in official attires while the office-based employees to dress informally. The application of this policy will affect all members of the company. Dressing code is essential for this organization. It creates a sense of identity when the field agents interact with the clients. Moreover, the company wants a unique identification by the public. There is also a need to be clean and formal when conducting the business for the organization. It will help to distinguish con men from the real agents of the firm. It is for this reason that the company finds it appropriate to implement a code of dressing that is purely identical for the firm and is budged wit...

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