Free Chapter 5 Questions Dissertation Example

Chapter 5 Questions Sample
Name: Course Instructor: Date: Chapter 5 Questions Q1: The notion of the unconscious vs. the conscious mind was not really invented by Sigmund Freud, however, he was evidently the reason behind its popularity and this was one of his notable inputs to psychology. The unconscious mind entails psychological developments that are unreachable to consciousness yet that impact behavior, emotions, or judgments. Freud postulates that the unconscious mind is the major basis of the human behaviors since it governs behavior to a higher level than human beings imagine. For example, our choices, emotions, and purposes are impacted by our previous life experience, and the unconscious mind stores all these experiences. Q2: In the Freudian theory, the defense mechanisms are mental approaches set in motion by the unconscious mind to influence, reject, or alter reality so as to safeguard against undesirable urges and thoughts and feelings of uneasiness and to uphold an individual’s schema. The ...
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