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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date of Submission Chapter 7 Questions Q1: After identifying the problem, the helper needs to decide on the suitable strategies to use to deal with the issue. The factors that influence this choice are setting, timing variables, and the context and nature of the problems. These factors not only determine the best strategy but also deal with the transitional phase. Notably, there are instances where the client’s problems need to be attended to with urgency. Q2: The Gestalt strategies focus on awareness so that the client can take responsibility for their actions. The techniques used for this strategy also help in keeping the client in contact with other party and what is going on. A Gestalt therapist would use the "Empty Seat" to encourage the client to address the other person, not present, express their feelings and deal with individuals directly (Okun and Kantrowitz 179). An example is a therapy session for a couple due to domes...

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