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Chapter 8 Questions Sample
Name Professor’s Name Course DateInterviewing and Counseling Question 1 In order to get the best results in any counseling session, an agreed partnership has to be established. Successful sessions take effort, time, and commitment by both the therapist and the person being counseled. In some occasions, the objectives agreed cannot be met within the time frame given or the sessions that were given by management. Therefore, the counselor and the person receiving the counseling should sit and agree on how to fix the objectives to fit in the time frame with the comfort of the person receiving the counsel. This is because a successful counseling is a commitment between both parties involved. Question 2 In any counseling session, the helpee is the center of the whole counseling process. The role of the person being helped in strategies planning are defined by the type of help or assistance that the individual is looking for, is it formal help or informal help? The person receiving th...
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