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Student’s Name: Professor's Name: Course: Date: Child Development Similar to most human beings, I can barely recall the events that transpired in the biosocial development phase of my life. However, my parents had an exciting tale about my development of gross motor skills, the physical potentials to make significant body motions like walking (Berger 146). The story goes that after ten months, my grandmother visited and noticed rashes near my temple. The maturation of the motor cortex within the brain had progressed to a point where I had attempted walking several times only to fall on my head. However, after developing muscle strength and adult-assisted practice, I was exploring the world from new heights. Children are often saddened by the leaving of parents especially for work, and I was no exception. Object permanence, the cognisance that objects or people continue to be when not visible, was evident as I approached two years of age (Berger 163). My parents informed me that...

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