Child Labor In China Dissertation Example

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Student’s nameInstructorCourseMay 13, 2018 Child Labor In China: Child labor is the employment of minors in workplaces to meet the economic demands. Child labor has been a significant problem in the world, and therefore solutions should be created to stop the employment of children in workplaces. Children should be provided with the necessary needs like; food, shelter, clothes, and educationbecause this will prevent the temptation of them working to provide a living for their parents and siblings. The children are parent’s responsibility until they complete their education (Parthasarathy 1237). Nations involved in the business industry, tend to use child labor to maximize profits since the children provide cheap labor. As a result, the economy of the country is increased. Children in some countries are employed as dishwashers because of the poverty state of their families, and this distracts their education. Child labor continues in some nations because of poverty, easy profits,...

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