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Chosen chapter synthesis Name Institution Doing research is a part of learning and enhances growth in the life of a person. A Person engaging in research responds to a particular call in learning, adventure or the urge for achieving highly in life. But first, before one involves in research, he or she has to develop an interest (Machi, & McEvoy, 2016). This research interest emanates from the curiosity of the person to study something. That is, the researcher develops a curiosity to understand the reason for something happening, the cause of a phenomenon or to discover something new. Thus, a researcher aims at answering the questions of why, what, and how. Thus, for a researcher to take part in the research process, then there must be a reason for doing so. The highlighted reasons can be exploration, explanation, description, and evaluation among other factors. However, even after the researcher has developed the research curiosity, interest and the reason for doing the resea...

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