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Click clack the rattle bag Name: Institutional Affiliation: Date submitted Reading response #2 The atmosphere created by Nail Gaiman story “Click-clack the rattle bag “is a fearful mood. It describes a young boy who needs to be taken to his bedroom. He is quite shy about the fact that his bedroom is in a huge house and the lightings are not in order. They go off often. Besides this, he is also aware of the existence of Click –clacks; monster-like creatures that feed on human beings and take them to liars. They are worse than monsters for they drink human beings who don't pay attention while moving from a point to another. Astonishingly, they fed on human flesh and hung the bones for future use. The atmosphere in Victor Hugo's story is quite sad and of difficulty. We are told of a person who walks on a beach. He walks with great difficulty since every –time he makes a move; he gets stuck in the sand. The writer tells us that the sand is no longer sand but glue. It is sa...

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