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Community Social Work Sample
Characteristics of Deridder, Louisiana Name Institution Characteristics of Deridder, Louisiana First United Methodist Church, Deridder, Louisiana. (United Communications, 2018). I live in Deridder, which is a small town in Louisiana. The city is the parish seat of Beauregard parish, and it is close to major metro areas including Huston, and New Orleans. Apparently, Deridder has a population of over 10,000 people (Data (DADS), 2017). Generally, the town is not overcrowded, and therefore it makes it a good place to raise children. More so, Deridder is a “dry town,” which means that the sale of all types of alcoholic drinks is forbidden. As a result, this keeps a lot of drunkards off the streets which makes the town safer, peaceful and clean. The city has an excellent school system that allows children to acquire quality education. Further, Deridder is known for low crime rates, which make it a good place to live in. The city is also famous for having many churches including some t...
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