Comparing the Parenting styles Dissertation Example

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Name Instructor's Name Course DateComparing the Parenting styles in the French and American Societies The article’s thesis is that Americans seem to be “too overbearing, too neurotic, too involved in the lives of [their] children.” This paragraph illustrates how differently the French parents handle their children from how the Americans do. The paragraph illustrates how the French believe that showing little concern for their children is the best way of coming up with disciplined children. “After only a few weeks, they leave their children to cry out to sleep without checking on them. Barely a few months, they take their children to daycare without thinking twice. In addition to that, they let their children run around without supervision.” They then claim that it is due to these factors that their children obey all instructions given to them. This is exactly opposite when it comes to American parents, who are claimed to be “too overbearing, too neurotic and too involve...

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