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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Name Date of Submission Comparing two characters from The Great Gatsby and The Death of Salesman.The two books of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby and Arthur Miller's Death of a salesman both show people who were pursuing the American Dream as their objective in life. This involves gaining material wealth like a house, a car and financial wealth to have a successful life to be independent. But all rewards in attaining this depend only on those who sacrifice and are willing to work hard. In this work, we are comparing two characters, one in each book on how they were striving to achieve the American dream. Jay Gatsby's and Willy Loman's agenda of pursuing the American dream though believe in the ideal. Jay Gatsby seems to have it all by having extravagant parties every weekend and an infinite number of friends. But Jay attains his goals when becoming a bootlegger (Fitzgerald, 67) then been a unique person including the inventions...

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