Computers and Privacy Dissertation Example

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Name Instructor's Name Course Date Computers and Privacy 1) What sorts of personal data should be kept private? Should data-gathering companies be allowed to sell information about your income? bill-paying history? Medical history? Product purchases? Arrest history? Technology can pose a critical threat to individual privacy more so in shared computer machines in libraries, Internet cafes and various public places. Computers are usually used in communication. Most probably in conveying personal information, for instance, individuals’ conversations, passwords and usernames, banking information, and other data that are sensitive. The usage of Computers can as well facilitate identity fraud and theft, so it is crucial to adhere to vigilance when conducting online transactions (Martin et al. 36). According to Martin et al. (37), whenever the personal accounts are left unlogged out by the computer user, other individuals can access private information of the previous users. The wir...

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