Constructive Parenting Summary One Parenting is a full-time job Dissertation Example

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Constructive Parenting Summary One Parenting is a full-time job that parents must entirely be engaged to educate their children throughout their lives. According to Levine (2012), the best parents are the ones who are engaged and open, those who set high prospect but values their children independence. The authoritative parents are usually successful in as they often are involved, and they raise their children to do better academically, socially and mentally. This is opposed to the way permissive and less engaged or controlling, and more concerned parents nurture their children. This can be tied to praising children abilities. Praising a child’s talent and skills appear to rattle their confidence, logically helping a child’s independence, and restraining intrusion lead to better intellectual and emotional results. According to Levine (2012), most successful kids have parents who do not adequately help them to accomplish what they can achieve or almost competent of doing. It buil...

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