Consumer Math A Unit: Personal Finance Dissertation Example

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Level: High School
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Course: Consumer Math A Unit: Personal Finance Assignment: College Student Budget College Student Budget Project Molly wants to write a budget to manage her finances while she completes two years of community college. She will attend college in the fall and spring semesters each year for two years. In addition, she will work part-time at a local department store during the fall and spring semesters, and will be working full-time at the same store during the summer. Molly will live with her sister’s family and do some babysitting to help pay for food and utilities. She estimated the following income and expenses. INCOME: Wages from part-time job from fall through spring (about 38 weeks): About $225 per week Wages from job during summer (about 12 weeks): About $350 per week. Money from home to maintain and insure car: About $680 per year Scholarships: $900 per semester Grants: $950 per semester EXPENSE: Tithe: 10% of the wages Rent including utilities: $195 per month Car ...

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