Creating False Images Dissertation Example

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Student’s name Professor’s name Course number Date Creating False Images. I agree that people generally create a false image of themselves on social media where they interact with people who do not know them from a personal. The applications on people’s smartphones and websites that provide services for people to interact have many features that prompt them on editing their profiles to fit in a particular group of people (Bleyer, 175). Also, people use such platforms to look for fame where they must use false images to attract attention. That comes from the fact that people get drawn to the fake side of a person but not the real one. The social media platforms also provide their users with powerful features of editing pictures and appearances making it efficient to create a false image and using them for different purposes. For instance, people in the dating apps will do it to attract partners who they admire online, but in real life, they may not like each other. To get fa...

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