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Name Instructor's Name Course Date Facebook Inc. Sentence statement The crisis involved The Facebook Inc. breach of privacy security leading to Senate investigation on its user protection. Approximate Date of the crisis Strategies Used Date of the crisis was at 17th March 2018 Strategies used were deniability and the evasion of responsibility. The strategies were not effective which plunged the firm in much suspicion from the public. Hypothetical date of Crisis Briefing First Facebook Briefing date: 23rd March 2018 First Facebook Hypothetical date of Crisis Briefing was at 23rd March 2018 Strategies to use The best strategies will be mortification, reducing offensiveness and taking corrective actions. The strategies will make the firm look better and up to the task with the current situation. Background Facebook on 17th March 2018 was accused of violating user privacy. On 18th March 2018, our company was alleged to have violated the privacy of more than 50 mill...

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