Free Cultural Awareness in Social Work Practice Dissertation Example

Cultural Awareness in Social Work Practice Sample
Cultural Competence Name Institution Cultural Competence Cultural competence is the ability to acknowledge diversity in the society. It allows different health practitioners to ensure the most appropriate care for their patients by acknowledging cultural differences and worldviews, self-awareness, and developing excellent communication skills across cultures (McPhatter, 2004). Regarding Eboni’s case, a social worker should be able to eliminate personal biases that may affect how he/she treats the client. For instance, in this case, the social worker is white while the client is African American; the most probable bias that may arise is racial discrimination. If a social worker lacks diversity management skills or fails to appreciate cultural differences between her and the client, then she may not be in a position to help the client. More so, self-awareness is a critical skill that a social worker should possess when dealing with any client. Social workers need to be conscious of...
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