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Cyber-Attack Student’s Name University Cyber-Attack A Cyber-Attack on the United States A cyber-attack on the United States was the June 2017 breach of several US nuclear power facilities, including the California station. This attack was confined to the business-related part of the facilities. This cyber-attack led to the infiltration of the network, making the nuclear systems to be more susceptible to further attacks (Sheth, 2018). The attacker was linked to a global cyber-attack that weakens many nations and companies. Attacking the business section of the plants imply that the hackers can find a way of collecting sensitive data and information from the nuclear systems. Although the attackers did not impose a direct attack on the key infrastructure of the plans, the business side has a lot of information, including documents or emails that have passwords, security assessments, and communications that include design plans, about the more susceptible infrastructure part of th...

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